Hello, everyone!

This page is an announcement for my canoe project “Russian Warship Go F— Yourself !” as a reaction to the Russian military invasion of Ukraine.

Для української версії, будь ласка, натисніть тут

I live in Sumy, Ukraine. It’s 40 km from the russian border. My city was occupied by the russian army on February 24, 2022 – the first day of their invasion. On 6th of March I successfully evacuated my family to western Ukraine. My wife, our 2 daughters (2 and 10 years old) and parents are safe in Germany now. It’s 2000 km away from Sumy.

But the war is still here and we all need to work hard to make our Ukraine strong and victorious. So I returned to my canoe-workshop in Sumy with the idea to build a Ukrainian warrior canoe. It will be painted in a 2-color blue-yellow pattern with the inscription “Russian warship go f— yourself” in Ukrainian and English on different sides. The pattern is under development now: searching for exact fonts, final colors and so on.

The phrase for the inscription belongs to ukrainian coastguard officer at Snake island in Black sea. Now it became our unofficial military doctrine. You can view video-description here – ‘Russian warship, go f— yourself’: Ukrainian soldier’s last words to Russian troops

The goal of the project is: to rise money via crowdfunding platforms to support Army of Ukraine and local humanitarian organizations. The canoes will be donated to embassies of countries supporting Ukraine during this hard time.

Transfer of canoe: I will transfer canoe from Sumy to Lviv, Ukraine by my own. It’s almost Poland (EU). I can’t leave country to deliver the canoe abroad, but we’ll find solution. This canoe will come to its owner safely.

Shipping time: around 7 days in Ukraine.

Status on 11th of May 2022: the hull is 100% finished, covered with canvas and filler. Now it needs 1 month to cure. Follow me on Instargam and Facebook to be updated.

Here are some of my previously made canoes:

Dear americans, polish, germans, britains, canadians and citizens of other countries, Your support of our people, army and country is huge and priceless! Thanks to all of you, people!

If You have any ideas about crowdfunding, color pattern and so on, please get in touch via social media

We will win together!